SOL-IX routeserver

A new feature at SOL-IX is the ability for members to exchange routes via a routeserver ( The routeserver is built on a Supermicro server running Quagga 0.99.15 and the BGPd daemon.

Routes are transparently exchanged via the routeserver, meaning that BGP attributes (as-path, next-hop and MED) are not modified when advertised to peers. SOL-IX filter bougus networks from all incoming advertisements, and use maximum prefix limit on a peer-to-peer basis.

SOL-IX offers the oppurtinity to filter routeserver announcements, and control to whom (on an AS basis) your routes should be advertised. For this, we accept communities from you - and filter accordingly.

action community
1 do not advertise route to a certain peer 0:<peer-as>
2 advertise route to a certain peer 25172:<peer-as>
3 do not advertise route to any peers 0:25172
4 advertise route to all peers 25172:25172

Default action is to not advertise routes to any peer, so be sure to attach community according to your policy.


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